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Steven Adams Describes How KD Burned Him Back In 2013


There was once a time when KD, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden were a part of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Of course, included in that bunch was a young Steven Adams, whose game was obviously not nearly as developed at the time.

And, much to Adams' dismay, he was actually flamed by his former teammate KD back when he was drafted in 2013. Here's the quote, which he actually wrote in his bibliography.

"I found out later that the moment I was drafted someone tweeted 'WELP STEVEN ADAMS TO OKC' and Kevin Durant Apparently replied 'smh'. He deleted the tweet and replaced it with 'Welcome Steven Adams'."

Yikes... KD certainly didn't seem excited to have Adams join the roster.

Obviously, Adams turned out to be a pretty valuable big man, while Durant would depart for the Warriors years later. Funny how time works, doesn't it?