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The Story Of Michael Jordan's Bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak

(via Chicago PD)

(via Chicago PD)

Michael Jordan had an extraordinary swagger on the basketball court. On the court, around his teammates, and even after his career, he was always confident in himself.

Even his bodyguard, John Wozniak, had a cool story.

It was recently told by The Athletic's Matt Fortuna.

John Michael Wozniak was a decorated Chicago narcotics officer who worked security at the old Chicago Stadium. Jordan developed an affinity for him early in his career when, while parking Jordan’s SUV, Wozniak accidentally shattered the back windshield after failing to account for the spare tire hanging on the vehicle’s rear.

Wozniak apologized to Jordan for the damage, telling him that he had a newborn (Nicholi) at home but would pay for the repairs upon receiving his next paycheck. Jordan appreciated the honesty and made special requests for Wozniak’s presence afterward.

“Michael appreciated excellence in whatever it is you did,” Nicholi said, before speaking of his father. “He was a helluva cop and a helluva dad. He was hard as shit on us but would be humble enough to tell us, ‘Hey, I was wrong there.’ Or would say, ‘I’m sorry, I love you.’ He could be the most tender guy and then would just put the fear of God in us.”

Wozniak was the young buck of a group of narcotics officers who ended up working security for Jordan that included Gus Lett and Clarence Travis (“C.T.”), both of whom have since passed. (Travis is Nicholi’s godfather, and Nicholi’s middle name is Travis).

So, it's a story of honesty, trust, and a good ole' Chicago attitude. Seriously though, it's an awesome story and just goes to show the types of guys Jordan wanted to surround himself with. Unfortunately, Mr. Wozniak passed away on January 18th at the age of 69. But he will always be remembered and beloved by those who knew him.

MJ's manager recently sent out this heartwarming tweet featuring Wozniak doing the infamous Jordan "shrug" after beating his Airness in a game of quarters.