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Sue Bird vs. LeBron James Comparison: $215K vs. $37.44M Salary, $11K vs. $370K Bonus For 2020 Championship

Sue Bird vs. LeBron James Comparison: $215K vs. $37.44M Salary, $11K. $370K Bonus For 2020 Championship

LeBron James and Sue Bird are considered the GOATs in their respective leagues for a lot of people after having terrific careers. Both players have earned four championships, plenty of individual accolades, and have left a big mark on the game.

However, when we take a look at the money they earn in their leagues, the difference is huge. It's well known that WNBA players don't make that much money and fans have started to ask for more equality between the competitions when it comes to their earnings. Hoops Nation recently talked about these differences, describing the salaries, the bonus they got last season while adding more accolades to their record.

As stated before, this situation won't be fixed overnight and the market always decides the salaries and earnings for these players. The NBA is now making billions every year while the WNBA is making less than $100 million.

This will obviously affect their salaries and is the biggest explanation as to why Bird, as successful as she is, is making a lot less than LeBron. Well, a lot of people have tried to attract more people to the WNBA, to make the brand more famous around the world, which would benefit everybody.