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Suns Owner Robert Sarver Is Threatening To Take Suns To Seattle Or Las Vegas


Besides troubles on the court, the Suns are dealing with some drama on the outside as well.

The Phoenix City Council voted on Wednesday to postpone a scheduled vote on whether to spend $150 million upgrading the Sun's arena. Apparently, the deal would've gone down the drain had it even been taken to a vote. Instead, the city will spread the hearing over five public hearings over the next month.

Suns' owner Robert Sarver is having none of it and has apparently threatened to move his team somewhere else.

"Sarver’s talking about moving," the council member told Lauri Roberts of "He basically told me the team will go (if they don't get a renovated arena). Vegas and Seattle were the two he talked about."

In what City Manager Ed Zuercher told Roberts, there's not a whole lot of panic for the city right now.

“I don’t consider it a threat," he said. "They’ve talked about what their options are. Robert has never has threatened me. He’s mentioned that there are other cities that are looking for NBA teams."

It certainly sounds like a threat. To take the Suns out of Phoenix would be one heck of a move. The Suns have made a lot of history in the city.

But maybe it'd be good for them. With a fresh slate, a new location, and a city willing to give them the arena they desire, there's more than one reason why it'd be a good idea to move.

It'll be interesting to see ho wthis situation develops as this seaons continues to roll on.