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Surprising News Could Leave Door Open For Golden State Breakup


For those who are hating seeing the experience of watching the Warriors and Cavaliers meet up in their fourth straight Finals, you're definitely not alone. If anything, most were rooting for anything but another Cleveland/Golden State rematch. And once the dreaded matchup was set in stone, a lot of folks started looking to the NBA for answers.

And while those fans will likely have to tough it out through next summer, things could change on their own in July of 2019.

For the NBA, it'll mark the beginning of next year's free-agency period. And for the Warriors, it'll mark a very important moment in keeping their core together. This big "moment" for the Warriors is marked by Klay Thompson's impending free agency that summer, which will happen if does not sign an extension with the Warriors next season.

So far, things have been pretty positive on that front for Warriors fans. Things have been pretty consistent in portraying the idea that Thompson will sign an extension with the Dubs before next July. Now, though, we may have some evidence to prove he may be willing to at least test the waters before deciding to go back to Oakland. In a surprising report by NBC's Drew Shiller, Mychal Thompson (Klay's father) admitted that while Klay is still looking to stay in Golden State, the Warriors guard will probably not sign an extension this year... meaning he'd enter the summer of '19 as an unrestricted free-agent.

“Klay definitely wants to play his whole career in Golden State and the Bay Area — there’s no question about that,” Mychal explained. “He loves it up there … loves the fans.

“But let’s just say that negotiations will probably continue in the summer of ’19.”

To be honest, there's still a ton of time for a deal to be reached, and it still seems unlikely that Klay would leave the Warriors (especially after saying he'd be willing to take a pay cut).

But, at the very least, we have some room to speculate here, as his return the NBA's biggest superteam is far from a sure-thing.