Swaggy P Roasts Alex Caruso On Instagram: "If You See Caruso In Front Of You, You Just Attack Him."

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The Los Angeles Lakers' season didn't come to the end they expected. So, as per usual, people are making the most of the chance to roast them while they can.

The very same players who won a ring last season, all of a sudden, aren't good enough anymore. That's the way it goes in sports, people don't seem to remember what happened just some months ago.

That was clear when former Lakers player Nick Young started taking swipes at Alex Caruso on Instagram Live, making fun of his appearances and claiming that he "should be happy just for being there".

Well, while Caruso isn't your average NBA player when it comes to looks, he's earned every single minute of playing time. 

He takes charges, creates for others, plays defense, and is an all-around team player, even if he'll never be a superstar.

Nick Young, on the other hand, couldn't make a comeback to the league after multiple tries and seems to have way too much time on his hands right now.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be the league's laughing stock for the next couple of months, that's for sure, that's the way it goes. But make no mistake, this team will bounce back, and Caruso will continue to silence his critics.