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Taylor Rooks: "There Are So Many Advantages Too, That Come From Being A Woman... If We Continue To Talk About How Hard It Is, We're Also Ignoring How Great It Is, And How Much Power And Strength Comes From Being A Woman, Too."

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Taylor Rooks

Taylor Rooks is one of the most impressive journalists in sports media. She often gets interviews with top figures in sports and entertainment, and many have recognized her for her personability.

In a recent interview with Megan Armstrong of Boardroom, Taylor Rooks opened up on what it is like to be a woman in sports journalism. Rooks stated that there are a lot of "systems that exist that are built against" women, but added that there are "advantages that come from being a woman" as well. She also stated that there is "power and strength" that comes from being a woman.

To Rooks, the definition of journalism has changed for the better. Journalists, to her, have always been and should always be “a vehicle for everyone else” who “create access for unanswered questions.” With a boom in accessibility, it’s all the more difficult to stuff a journalist’s role in one box.

Still, people try their hardest to reduce her to one.

“If somebody like Stephen A. [Smith] does an interview, the interview is about the work that Stephen A. provides to us,” she says. “Stephen A. doesn’t come onto an interview and get asked about what it means to be a man and the things he’s overcome as a man in this industry. But we are so enamored with the fact that women are women that you don’t even allow anyone to get to the heart of what they do — the thing that they have worked their entire lives to be able to do. I’m not paid to be a woman. I’m paid to be a journalist.”

“There are a lot of systems that exist that are built against us, but I also never want me being a woman to be viewed as something I see as an obstacle because I draw a lot of my strength from my femininity,” she continues. “There are so many advantages, too, that come from being a woman. People inherently trust you more. We tend to be incredibly caring people. If we continue to talk about how hard it is, we’re also ignoring how great it is and how much power and strength comes from being a woman, too.”

In this interview, we see that Taylor Rooks feels empowered by her status as a woman, and she stated that she draws a lot of "strength" from her "feminity". There's no doubt that there are certain disadvantages that women face in the sports journalism field, but Rooks clearly is proud of being a woman. 

Hopefully, things end up changing for women in sports journalism. It would definitely be good to see more women get a chance to make their mark in sports. Taylor Rooks has shown that she can connect with people such as Kevin Durant, and hopefully, her success continues in the future.