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Terry Rozier On 90s Bulls: 'I Didn’t Even Know That They Won Three Straight [Championships Two Times]. I’m Just Being Honest…'

(via NBC Chicago)

(via NBC Chicago)

'The Last Dance' opened a lot of eyes about Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls, and their infamous run throughout the 1990s.

Among those who were educated on Chicago's brilliance is Hornets guard Terry Rozier, who apparently had no idea the owner of his team had won three straight titles on two separate occasions. Here's the statement he made to Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Abrams:

“Just actually seeing this documentary, I learned so much,” Rozier said. “I didn’t even know that they won three straight [championships two times]. I’m just being honest…To do things like that in this league, you have to be super special.

You think you have an idea of [his mentality], but when you see this documentary, it kind of gives you chills,” Rozier continued. “Me to be playing for him, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, is super huge to me because I take that as he likes my competitive drive. He sees something in me. So … I just want to keep getting better.”

The fact that Rozier knew so little about the 90s era Bulls is quite shocking. For an NBA player and a guy who plays for Michael Jordan himself, you would think he'd have a better idea of basketball history.

Still, Rozier is right in his assessment of it. Three-peating twice in eight years certainly requires a degree of special talent and mental aptitude that is rarely seen on any stage of professional sports. What Jordan and his team did back then was really something special and rare.

Apparently, some people are just catching on to it all.