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Terry Rozier Says Irving’s Return Forced Him “From The Passenger Seat To The Trunk”

(via CelticsBlog)

(via CelticsBlog)

Just as quickly as Terry Rozier rose to the surface of NBA stardom, he faded from it. Kyrie Irving's injury last season was the start of a spectacular run for Rozier, capitalized by a Game 7 run to the Eastern Conference Finals. But it was also Irving, in his return months later, that moved Rozier out of the spotlight he had shined in.

And in a recent interview with Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, the former No. 16 overall pick recognized the reality of his situation.

“I felt like I went from the passenger seat to the trunk,” Rozier said. “Everybody tells you, ‘Don’t think about the contract, don’t think about the money.’ I always tell myself, ‘I’ll get what I deserve one day. Maybe not this day, but one day.'”

The Celtics certainly seem to be pulling themselves together at the right time. They are playing like a unit for the first time all season long, and each player has stepped up in their role.

But Boston's recent movement of unity has an expiration date. This summer, the team will have some serious decisions to make as they look to improve their roster, especially if they lose in this current series against Milwaukee. If Kyrie Irving leaves, it could leave room for Rozier -- assuming the Celtics are content with offering him a big contract.

Either way, do not expect Terry Rozier to stay in the trunk for very long. Whether or not he finds a bigger role in Boston or some other roster, it really is only a matter of time till he makes the leap.