The 10 Players With The Worst Winning Percentage In NBA History

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The 10 Players With The Worst Winning Percentage In NBA History

This may sound pretty obvious or cheesy but for someone to win, there's got to be a loser as well. It's just the way it is, and the NBA isn't the exception to that rule.

Throughout history, we've deemed several players as winners. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson are winners. Others, however, haven't been as lucky or dominant.

That's why today, we're going to talk about those players we never mention in the GOAT conversation, letting you know about the top 10 players with the worst winning percentage in NBA history, according to HoopsHype's database.

10. Clark Kellogg: 28.46% (74-186)

Clark Kellogg

You may know Clark Kellog for his career as an analyst for CBS, which was far more successful than his career in the hardwood. He spent 5 years with the Indiana Pacers and even made the All-Rookie team. Sadly, chronic knee issues forced him to retire after playing just 3 full seasons in the Association, none of them with much success.

9. Lee Mayberry: 28.0% (139-357)

Lee Mayberry

Lee Mayberry spent his seven seasons in the league playing for two teams that weren't exactly competitive at the time: Milwaukee Bucks and Vancouver Grizzlies. Even though he played the first 328 games of his career consecutively, he never made much of an impact, averaging roughly 6 points per game. 

8. Randy White: 27.76% (78-203)

Randy White

Randy White is considered by some as the worst draft pick in Dallas Mavericks' history. They took him with the 8th overall pick in 1989 and he was out of the league just 5 years later. Often compared to Karl Malone in college, he failed to live up to the hype and spent most of his career playing overseas.

7. Donte Greene: 27.67% (70-183)

Donte Greene

Donte Greene is another player who had more success overseas than in the NBA. He was taken in the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft and spent most of his time in the G-League. He spent four seasons with the Sacramento Kings before playing in Dubai, Puerto Rico, China, Saudi Arabia, among others.

6. Marcus Fizer: 26.99% (78-211)

Marcus Fizer

The Chicago Bulls have had their fair share of questionable draft picks but perhaps none were as bad as Marcus Fizer. Fizer was taken 4th overall in 2000 and never lived up to the expectations. He spent 5 years with the Bulls before joining the Bucks, and then bouncing around the G-League and failed NBA stints. He later played in Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Israel, and a long etcetera.

5. Tellis Frank: 26.89% (71-193)

Tellis Frank

Tellis Frank is a well-respected member of the basketball community, currently serving as an assistant coach for the WNBA's Atlanta Dream. But, when it came to his playing career, it wasn't exactly successful. He averaged 6.5 points per game in his 5 years in the Association before becoming a journeyman and playing all over the world.

4. Tyrone Nesby: 25.88% (66-189)

Tyrone Nesby

Throughout history, the Los Angeles Clippers and Washington Wizards haven't exactly been winning franchises. Sadly for Tyrone Nesby, those were the only two NBA teams where he had a chance to showcase his talents. Needless to say, that didn't translate into many wins, and he wasn't that talented either. He played in the ABA, Greece, the G-League, Italy, and even Lithuania.

3. Doug Smith: 23.65% (70-226)

Doug Smith

Another infamous selection by the Dallas Mavericks makes this list. Dough Smith was their 6th overall pick in 1991, yet he was only in the league for 5 years. He averaged roughly 8 points per game and was later drafted in the expansion draft by the Toronto Raptors but they never actually signed him. He then joined the defunct CBA and ABA until the end of his career.

2. Bryant Reeves: 22.03% (87-308)

Bryant Reeves

Bryant Reeves is by far the best player on this list. He's a bit of a cult hero in Vancouver as he spent his entire career with the Vancouver Grizzlies, serving as a solid scoring big man. Sadly, the Grizzlies weren't exactly good nor did they have many fans, so they eventually moved to Memphis, where he was never able to play due to the constant injuries that derailed his career.

1. Hollis Thompson: 20.00% (53-212)

hollis thompson

Hollis Thompson was there through the whole Philadelphia 76ers process. Sadly, he wasn't there when things got better. Thompson was a regular name in their lineup during their infamous tanking years, so it's not unusual to see him at the top of this list. He's spent most of his career in the G-League and is currently playing for the Stockton Kings.