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The 2015-16 Dallas Mavericks Point Guards Were All Born On June 26th, 1984

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The NBA is full of coincidences and sometimes the league can surprise you with some incredible facts. For instance, the Dallas Mavericks had three players that were born the exact same day. The 2015/16 squad wasn't the best of all; they finished the regular season with a 42-40 record and were easily defeated by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the postseason with a gentleman sweep.

However, the most impressive thing about that team is that all their point guards were born the same day, June 26 of 1984. JJ Barea, Raymond Felton and Deron Williams all were born that date, making this one of the greatest coincidences in NBA history.

Out of these three, the only one that's still active is Barea, one of the greatest figures in the Mavericks history in recent times. Williams and Felton's tenures with the team weren't the best of all and that season was the perfect sample of that. Now they are retired after wandering around in the league for several seasons.

This is indeed a great story. Nobody can imagine the front office thinking they are going to have three players, who play in the same position, whose born date is exactly the same. Not only the day but the year.

The only difference is the place they were born, but this is still incredible.