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The 2020 NBA Finals Will Be The 1st NBA Finals Since 1995 Which Won't Include At Least One Of Steve Kerr, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant Or Dwyane Wade

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Fadeaway World

The NBA has gone through a lot of changes over the last decade. The league has seen dynasties rise and fall, changes in the way the game is played and several stars retiring from the game. All of these factors have impacted the league and now we're about to see something that hadn't been seen in 25 years.

This will be the first time since 1995 that the NBA Finals won't have at least one of Steve Kerr, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan or Dwyane Wade. That is a hell of a streak but now it's over since Kerr's Warriors weren't invited to the bubble, Duncan didn't travel to Orlando and his Spurs failed to make the postseason, Dwyane Wade is retired since last season and Kobe was retired since 2016. Still, they had a great run.

2019: Steve Kerr (as coach)

2018: Steve Kerr (as coach)

2017: Steve Kerr (as coach)

2016: Steve Kerr (as coach)

2015: Steve Kerr (as coach)

2014: Tim Duncan & Dwyane Wade

2013: Dwyane Wade & Tim Duncan

2012: Dwyane Wade

2011: Dwyane Wade

2010: Kobe Bryant

2009: Kobe Bryant

2008: Kobe Bryant

2007: Tim Duncan

2006: Dwyane Wade

2005: Tim Duncan

2004: Kobe Bryant

2003: Tim Duncan & Steve Kerr

2002: Kobe Bryant

2001: Kobe Bryant

2000: Kobe Bryant

1999: Tim Duncan & Steve Kerr

1998: Steve Kerr

1997: Steve Kerr

1996: Steve Kerr

Even after retirement, Kerr made the Finals in fight consecutive years as the Golden State Warriors head coach after making it to the Finals five times as a player. Tim Duncan had six trips to the Finals, winning five titles; Wade went 5 times to the big series, claiming three titles and Kobe had seven trips, winning five championships.

Everything comes to an end, regardless of how great it was. This streak was remarkable but it's time to start a new one. This season has seen several streaks coming to an end. JJ Redick's playoffs streak, Spurs' playoffs streak and now this one goes down, as well.