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The Amazing Story Of Gordon Hayward His 2019 Playoff Run

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

It was a heartfelt moment when Gordon Hayward led his Boston team with 20-points in a series-clinching win over the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. Not only did it signal a successful journey from his leg injury last season, but it actually marked an awesome moment in the overall picture of his basketball career as a whole.

He started off as a 3-star high school recruit who grew up in Indiana, halfway dedicated to basketball, who landed in Butler University (coached by Brad Stevens). Now, he is coming off a 20-point performance to lead a Brad Stevens coached Celtics team to a first-round sweep over Indiana.

It has come full circle. His unlikely path to the NBA, the reunion with Brad Stevens, the return to stardom after that gruesome leg injury last October.

For Gordon Hayward, as he still works on becoming the player he was in Utah, there is no doubt that his story is still being written. With the Celtics, his legacy is still being forged.

But when he looks back at how far he has come, and the obstacles he overcame, there must be a sense of accomplishment through it all. It is an unlikely journey, but one that takes a tremendous amount of energy and work to achieve.