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The Atlanta Hawks Are 0-4 Since John Collins Said They Are "Not A Joke"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks had big expectations before this NBA season started and things were really great for them at the beginning of the campaign. However, after a couple of games and since the beginning of 2021, they have gone downhill, losing game after game.

One Redditor that goes by the name "iksnet" pointed out that the Hawks entered a losing streak since one of their stars, John Collins, claimed they weren't a joke. Back on January 2, Collins discussed the season his team was having, sending a message to the rest of the league, saying that the Hawks were ready to compete. Ever since that, they have been unable to win a game again.

Via Reddit:

After a strong performance in a 114-96 victory over the Nets, Collins boldly stated that the Hawks were not a joke.

Since then, the Hawks have lost to the Cavs, Knicks, and the Hornets twice.

The Hawks are no strangers to jinxing themselves. Almost exactly 13 months ago, Trae proclaimed “It’s over!” during a regular season game against the Heat after going up by six with a minute left. The Heat then tied it up and outscored Atlanta 18-4 in overtime.

This isn't good for a team that was expected to compete for a spot in the postseason this campaign. Trae Young has been ballin' and Collins has been a great player for his team but things aren't clicking for them recently. Collins and Young were reportedly having differences over the direction of the team and who should be leading the offense and these past results don't help the team. They have to figure things out before it's too late.