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The Bay Allows Durant To "Be Who He Is."


After two straight Championships (and a pair of Finals MVP's to go with them), it'd be hard to fathom that NBA phenom Kevin Durant regrets his decision to join the Golden State Warriors.

But for KD, being a Warriors includes a lot more than what happens on the basketball floor. Being a Warriors, for him, means he can finally be himself (via Yahoo Sports):

“The Bay Area allows me to be who I am, as a city, to just blend in, and the team allows me to do the same thing,” Durant told Yahoo Sports. “All I want to do in my life, while I’m healthy, is to work on my game and enjoy the game and not worry about nothing else. This place gives me that."

There's no denying that Durant has it well in Oakland. He gets to win in a way that's fun, unselfish, and pressure free. He gets to be himself while forging an unforgettable legacy. Perhaps this is why some players just can't resist the lure of Golden State.