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The Best And Worst Home Court Advantages In The NBA

Utah Jazz Home Court Advantage NBA

Home Court advantage has always been huge for every sporting team, the atmosphere, the crowd, the familiarity, not needing to travel anywhere, it all helps give an advantage to the home team.

Recently at ‘StatsbyLopez’, the team there have put together data from the four major American sports leagues to see which courts and fields have the biggest estimated advantage for those home teams.


NBA Teams were ranked in the Top 30 ahead of all other teams from the NFL, MLB and the NHL. This proving the advantage of playing in an inside court that the crowd are tightly packed in is a much bigger advantage to a sport such as Baseball.

There was still a big difference between the NBA teams, the Denver Nuggets surprisingly were ranked at number 1 ahead of the Jazz and Warriors. The Brooklyn Nets were ranked the lowest of all 30 NBA sides, the estimated difference between the Nuggets and the Nets was roughly 2.5 extra wins per year.

According to ‘StatsbyLopez’, the home advantage for Denver and Utah is worth up to $5 million annually.

The bigger the home court advantage doesn’t necessarily mean the team is more successful, the Nuggets with the statistically biggest advantage failed to miss the playoffs last season, finishing in ninth. Other sides like the Sacramento Kings and the Charlotte Hornets were also ranked pretty highly even though they had fairly poor seasons.