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The Biggest Mistake In Cavaliers History Wasn't Even Projected To Be Picked In The Lottery


There's no doubt in any NBA fan's mind that when it comes to draft busts, Anthony Bennett out of UNLV is one of the worst in NBA history.

During his brief four seasons in the NBA, Bennett has already played for four franchises -- the Cavs, Timberwolves, Raptors and Nets -- which should be enough of an indicator to tell you how big of a failure his career has been up to this point.

During his rookie season, he didn't hit a single field goal for his first four games, only scoring two points off of free throws in that span. He finished his rookie season averaging 4.2 points and 3.0 rebounds a game on a woeful 35.6% field goal percentage.

Analysts were scratching their heads when the Cavaliers selected Bennett with the first overall pick in the 2013 draft, and their doubts over the 6'8 power forward were confirmed his first game in the NBA, and he's done nothing to prove that Cleveland was warranted to select him with the first pick in the draft.

The gamble to select Bennett with the first pick when the likes of Victor Oladipo and Giannis Antetokounmpo were still on the board obviously didn't pay off, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Bobby Marks, former VP and assistant GM of the Brooklyn Nets, the decision to pick Bennett first overall shocked the other 13 teams in the lottery that year, as no other lottery team had Bennett on their draft boards.

According to Marks, who was second in command for the Nets during this period, Brooklyn had Bennett ranked 16th overall in the draft class, and said that Cleveland may have been the only team in the lottery who had Bennett on their radar.

If it wasn't for LeBron James returning the season after, the Cavaliers could've been suffering the consequences of that pick for years to come.