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Donovan Mitchell On Jazz's First-Round Exit: "This Won't Happen Again."

(via PremierLeague-News.Com - Premier league breaking news, premier league)

(via PremierLeague-News.Com - Premier league breaking news, premier league)

The Utah Jazz ended an incredible season in a rather heartbreaking way.

After going up 3-1 against the 3rd seeded Nuggets, Utah proceeded to drop the next three closeout games, becoming just one of a few teams to lose a series after taking a 3-1 lead. At the final buzzer, a clearly frustrated and emotional Donovan Mitchell sat on the court to take it all in.

Despite his best efforts, his team was unable to seal the deal in the end, and they'll have to live with being the joke of the league until they get another chance to prove themselves next season. No doubt, the trip home will give both Mitch and his teammates a lot to think about.

But perhaps most interesting of all the post-game activity was what the young Jazz star promised reporters regarding the possibility of something like this happening in the future...

The 23-year-old guard has been a star for his team since the beginning. This year, though, he seemed to be really turning a corner, averaging 24 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 4.3 assists on 44% shooting.

And while his performance wasn't enough to get his team the win tonight, you can bet he'll do whatever it takes to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz aren't going anywhere.