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The Boston Celtics Were Strongly Advised To "Keep Away" From James Harden

(via 98.5 The Sports Hub)

(via 98.5 The Sports Hub)

The Boston Celtics were reported to be one of the teams gunning for Rockets star James Harden earlier this week. Amid rumors of his displeasure in Houston, fans gleefully imagined the kind of impact he would make alongside Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

But the Celtics' interest in The Beard quickly dropped for reasons that were, up until now, previously unknown. According to Steve Bulpett, it only took a bit of research for the Celtics to be turned off by a potential Harden deal, and it seems it's going to be enough for them to shut down preliminary talks.

James is one of the NBA's best scorers. Αs a 3x scoring champ, 8x All-Star, and 2018 MVP, he's got more talent at the game of basketball than most.

Still, some criticize aspects of his game that are less than favorable. He's a ball-heavy isolation scorer and poor defender -- attributes that often get exposed in the most important moments.

Despite all the trade talk involving Texas star James Harden, he remains a member of the Houston Rockets. After Russell Westbrook's trade request earlier in the week, Harden followed-suit, demanding he be sent to the Brooklyn Nets. They haven't yet secured a trade for him, nor has any other team.

Is there a negative stigma attached to The Beard's legacy? Is he really not a desirable superstar?

Wherever Harden ends up going forward, he will be out to change the rhetoric and prove to the world he really can lead his team to glory.