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The Brooklyn Nets Are 3-15 In Their Last 18 Games And Are 5-11 With Kyrie Irving In Their Lineup This Season

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Kyrie Irving is a fantastic player on an individual level, and there is no doubt that many enjoy watching him handle the ball and score from anywhere on the court. Currently, Kyrie Irving is averaging 24.7 PPG, 4.8 RPG, and 5.4 APG for the Brooklyn Nets after their recent loss against the Boston Celtics.

Despite the fact that Kyrie Irving is doing fantastic on an individual level, the wins haven't followed for the Brooklyn Nets. A recent Reddit post revealed that the Brooklyn Nets are only 3-15 in their last 18 games, and 5-11 with Kyrie Irving in the lineup.

The Brooklyn Nets are now 3-15 in their last 18 games and are 5-11 with Kyrie Irving in the line up this season, the Nets are down horrifically are now 32-33, tied with the 9th seed Hornets and only half a game ahead of the 10th seed Hawks.

This statistic doesn't mean that Kyrie Irving is a direct negative to the team. There are clearly other factors involved, such as injuries, as well as Kyrie Irving's part-time status that prevented him from playing in certain games. There is no doubt that this has been a disappointing regular season for the Brooklyn Nets, who were at one point among the best teams in the Eastern Conference. However, that came while James Harden was still on the roster, and star Ben Simmons has not yet played for the franchise, though there's optimism he'll return by the playoffs.

It remains to be seen how well the Brooklyn Nets will play for the rest of the season. They have a lot of talent when fully healthy, and Ben Simmons' addition could unlock a lot for the team on both ends of the floor. Hopefully, we see them figure things out in the future, and they could be dangerous to face in the play-in tournament if all three of their stars are able to play.