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The Brooklyn Nets Are Making The NBA Finals, Says Kendrick Perkins

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets are going to be at the forefront of a lot of fans' minds. After all, they were a playoff team last year, and they are adding two superstars to their ranks, as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are back from injury. Kevin Durant looked like his old pre-injury self in his game against the Warriors, and his athleticism seems to have barely waned. On paper, the Brooklyn Nets look like legitimate contenders with a loaded roster.

Someone who is definitely following the Nets hyper is ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, who was a former player himself. It definitely seems as though Kendrick Perkins is confident in their current players.

Kendrick Perkins has no doubt about his take. Perhaps he is right; the Nets have solid players from top to bottom, and with new coaching from Steve Nash, perhaps the roster can gel well together. They have two starting-caliber centers in DeAndre Jordan and Jarrett Allen, and the same goes for the guard positions, where they can slot in Spencer Dinwiddie, Kyrie Irving, and Caris LeVert. They have a roster that could rival the current champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Nets are deep and ready to compete for it all.

The Finals matchup a lot of fans want to see as of right now is clear: Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers. The two teams are comparable, in makeup and depth. Kendrick Perkins may be onto something, but we just have to wait for the season to fully get started before making any conclusions.