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The Celtics Have A Problem With Terry Rozier


The Boston Celtics were a game away from making the NBA Finals. True, it may seem like they missed their mark at first, but when you consider the overwhelming circumstances they had to face last season, it's kind of a miracle they got as far as they did.

Five minutes into their opener, Gordon Hayward broke his leg in gruesome fashion, which abruptly ended his season. Then, right before playoff time, Kyrie Irving found himself out for the rest of the season as well, dealing with a nagging injury of his own. All the while, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Philly were making plays to take the East crown.

Despite all those obstacles, the Celtics nearly pulled off the impossible (beating LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals). Some attribute luck, others attribute coaching, but no matter which way you see it, Boston's role-players were a big reason for their surprising post-season run.

Terry Rozier played a monumental role in all that, averaging 11.3 PPG, 4.7 RPG, and 2.9 APG on 39.5% shooting while providing a huge spark for the team both off the bench and in the starting role once Irving went down.

To keep him would prove beneficial to the team... but Rozier has other things in mind.

After reportedly rejecting $12 million from the Celtics, some in the league are suggesting that he'll be seeking a bigger role once he hits the open market in 2019.

If he keeps up his performance from last season, he'll certainly have a few offers. But as history continually teaches us, the grass isn't greener on the other side, especially when the side you're leaving is as loaded as the Celtics are.