The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Selected Evan Mobley With The No. 3 Pick In The Draft

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evan mobley

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a franchise that has been rebuilding for a while, but things could possibly start trending upwards sooner rather than later. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a burgeoning young core that includes Darius Garland, Isaac Okoro, and Jarrett Allen.

It has officially been announced that the Cleveland Cavaliers have selected Evan Mobley with the No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft, and it seems as though he could be their big man of the future. The top prospects in this class all have immense potential, and that includes Evan Mobley who could become a very unique big man given the time to develop.

Evan Mobley is a big man who had a versatile skill set during his time in college, and he has been compared to prior multifaceted big men such as Chris Bosh by others in the past. Evan Mobley will likely be a solid defender, and he has shown traces of being able to handle the ball and score in the interior. If he manages to put all of his skills together, then the Cleveland Cavaliers are in luck.

The Cavaliers haven't had the best of luck in the win column after LeBron James left them for the Los Angeles Lakers, but perhaps with this pick, things can turn around for them. They have capable young talent on the roster, and they could potentially make moves around them. Evan Mobley's ability to become a star will be crucial for the team in the coming years. Big men can take some time to develop, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have the ability to wait for Evan Mobley to improve. Hopefully, this is the right pick for the team, and perhaps we'll see them in the playoffs in the near future.