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The Clippers Can Shock Everyone And Create A Superteam Next Summer

Los Angeles Clippers Superteam

I don’t think anybody was really shocked when “Lob City” didn’t win anything significant. They were too focused on getting on the Top 10 Plays list rather than winning basketball games.

They were really fun to watch, but now that their Big 3 have all left town everybody thinks the Clippers will go back to irrelevancy again.

I, however, think differently.

According to Arash Markazi on Twitter, the GM of the Clippers Jerry West plans to bring Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard to LA.

According to Wojnarowski, Los Angeles Clippers are the favorites to land Kawhi should he decline to resign with Toronto next summer.

The Clippers have two max contract slots available in July, and are emerging as a front-runner for Toronto's All-NBA forward Kawhi Leonard when he becomes a free agent in July, league sources said.

The Clippers have enough cap space for 2 max contracts next summer and if they can trade Gallinari then that could get enough for 3 near-max contracts. It is also well known that Butler wants to play with Kyrie Irving, who is also a free-agent next summer.

Irving might feel that there isn’t enough space for him in Boston given the rise of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum along with Gordon Hayward. I could easily see him switching to the West Coast to go play under the tutelage of the great Jerry West.

Right now everyone thinks that once again it is the Lakers will be the kings of LA given that the King himself signed for them this summer. I wouldn’t be so sure. The Clippers could easily pull off a few moves that would have them right there in the mix of things once again and this team they would be focusing on a title.

Jerry West is the best GM of all time and once again he can shock the NBA and create the first superteam for the Los Angeles Clippers.