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The Clock Stopped During The Lakers-Spurs Game, And Nobody Noticed


This could’ve been a massive disaster for the NBA if the Lakers ended up winning this game.

During the epic matchup between the Lakers and Spurs earlier this week, a game which resulted in a LeBron game-tying shot to send it to OT, and two missed free-throws from James to seal the game for San Antonio, there was a clock malfunction late into the tense fourth quarter that may have given the Lakers the shot they needed to send the game to overtime in the first place.

With just a little over 2:30 left in the fourth, and after a Spurs rebound, point guard Patty Mills crossed the half-court line with 2:31 left on the clock.

The game clock then freezes, and 2:31 on the game clock and 22 on the shot clock is left showing for the next 11 seconds, giving the Spurs extra time to work with during a critical offensive possession.

The extra time didn’t really affect the possession too much, as despite the added 11 seconds, the Spurs still scored within 24 seconds of securing the rebound at the other end, showing just how synced up the players were with the running shot clock in their heads.

The clock malfunction also didn’t affect the end result of the game in the long run, as even though it may have given LA that extra push towards forcing OT, the Spurs still won outright in the end.