The Detroit Pistons Have Selected Cade Cunningham With The No. 1 Pick In The Draft

cade detroit

The Detroit Pistons were a franchise that tanked this year, and the team was clearly focused on developing players this season. Still, there have been bright spots for the Detroit Pistons despite the losses. The improvement of Jerami Grant has been one of them. Getting the No. 1 overall pick in a great draft class has been the other.

It has just been announced that the Detroit Pistons have officially selected Cade Cunningham in the 2021 NBA Draft. Though this was what most people expected to happen, nothing is ever official until the exact moment we hear commissioner Adam Silver's announcement.

Cade Cunningham is an elite playmaker at his size and has the ability to create his own shot well, with his midrange game standing out in college. There is no doubt that there are a lot of appealing things about his game, and his potential as of now is sky-high. Of course, a lot of factors go into his development, but it is clear that Cade Cunningham could potentially become a future superstar. The Detroit Pistons could definitely

Hopefully, this pick will help the Detroit Pistons return to contention. The Pistons will now have a prospect to build around, and perhaps they'll make it back to the playoffs, in the following years after this draft. No. 1 overall picks generally have high expectations for them from fans and media, and Cade Cunningham is supposed to be one of the best prospects in recent memory. He has all the talent in the world, and as of now, he is the future of the Detroit Pistons.