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The Distance Of Every One Of Steph Currys' Made Three Points Is Taller Than Mount Everest

(Credit: Clutch Points)

(Credit: Clutch Points)

Steph Curry is, by all accounts, the greatest shooter this world has ever known. As an absolute laser from distance, nailing shots from beyond the arc is almost effortless for the 2x NBA MVP and his mastery of the craft has literally changed the game.

But have you ever wondered how many threes, total, he's made in his career? It's got to be a lot, but most take it for granted. Fortunately, Reddit user u/babyyodavan broke it all down for us.

Amazingly, Steph Curry has made a total of 2,495 threes over his 10-year career, or about 12 miles. That's roughly 63,886 feet -- taller than Mt.Everest, Angel Fallas, and the Empire State building. Yeah, you read that right.


That number is also equivalent to 213 football fields, 680 basketball courts, and 68,145 Kawhi Leonard stretched hands.

That's some seriously unbelievable stuff. In just a decade, Steph has managed out-shoot Mt. Everest. Perhaps crazier still is where he might be if he continues this pace for another 10 years. Might he shoot beyond the atmosphere? To the moon? To Mars?

Whatever the case, Steph's three-point shooting is truly a thing to behold. We are witnessing history before our very eyes and most of us don't even realize the scope of what he's doing.