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The Fate Of LeBron James And The Cavs This Season May Already Be Determined


Welp, here we are again. After the Cavs' commanding lead tonight, they stand only two wins away from yet another NBA Finals appearance.

Unfortunately for them though, it means they'll likely have to contend with the Warriors for a Championship in the final round. And while most don't give them a chance, there's one crazy, unexplainable stat that may give hope for a LeBron James victory.

As history has proven, LeBron seems to win every time Alabama wins the national college football championship. Every year, the results have proven staggeringly consistent. And this season, Alabama came out on top again, meaning either one of two things: the streak will be broken this summer, proving this was all just a crazy coincidence or LeBron will shock everyone and win the Championship this year, keeping this unbelievable pattern intact.

For us to find out, we'll have to wait a little while longer.