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The First All-Star Voting Results Are In And Derrick Rose Has Shocked The World


This season has contained a whirlwind of crazy happenings, from locker room scandals to trade rumors, and to unexpected rises and falls.

These latest NBA All-Star voting results are a perfect reflection of the wacky 2018/19 campaign. Luka Doncic, Lonzo Ball, and Devin Booker all received high voting numbers. But, most shockingly, were the numbers for Derrick Rose, which come in at a whopping 698,086, good enough for second for guards in the West.

It's not like Rose hasn't earned his spot, either. The former MVP is averaging 18.9 points per game and 4.8 assists on 48.6% shooting, his highest mark since 2012.

To go along with the stats is a story of perseverance. After injuries derailed his early career, most doubted whether Rose would come back at all. And now, in the midst of one of his best seasons, seeing him perform at a high level again is quite a story to witness. No doubt, it is playing a hand in the overwhelming amount of people voting for him above Curry, Durant, and others.

And if he gets in, it will be one heck of a moment to witness him take the court as an All-Star again.