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The First Words MJ Ever Said To Iverson: “What’s Up You Little B****”


Two legends, two great ballers of their time, MJ and AI will forever be known as sports icons.

Though the differences are clearly present, the two probably have more in common than most care to think.

Which is why their dialogue is so special.

In a recent sit-down with Complex, Iverson not only revealed some of that dialogue, but revealed the very FIRST bit of interaction the two had as professionals.

When they first met, these were the first words MJ said to Iverson:

”What’s up you little b****.”

Yeah, Jordan is that type of guy. But we all probably knew that, right?

As two of the toughest guys in league history, it probably shouldn’t come as a shock that something this would come out.

They can trash talk, they were both really good, and they were both trying to establish themselves as culturally relevant.

The only question now, is what things did Iverson day back to MJ through all these years.

If it’s anything like this, it’ll be gold.