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The Full Slow Motion Clip Of The Nerlens Noel Incident

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The NBA sent their thoughts and prayers up for Nerlens Noel, who took a really hard tumble to the floor, hurting his head. He had to be carted off midway through the third and was sent to OU Medical Center and will be held there overnight to be evaluated. We have no updates on his condition at the time, but we know it was quite a fall.

A slow-motion clip has been released, and it shows the severity of the contact.

The way his head hits the ground, and then jerks back up, it's definitely not a site for sore eyes.

Nerlens has been a valuable addition to the Thunder roster this season, bringing versatility and energy off the bench. In the midst of what has been a great season for OKC, this must come as frustrating news for them.

Hopefully, it wasn't anything too serious and Noel can be back on the court again soon. There is a sense of optimism around the NBA in that regard.