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The Golden State Warriors Are Spending $82.4 Million In Kelly Oubre, Who Is Averaging 8.2 PPG This Season

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors aren't having a very good start to the season and not even their new additions are doing the right things to help them succeed in the NBA this campaign. One of the most criticized players this young season is Kelly Oubre, who was expected to have a big role on the team after Klay Thompson went down with an injury.

So far, Oubre has failed to have a good tenure with the Dubs and things are getting worse for him. The Warriors are spending a lot of money on Oubre and he's not delivering as expected. Back in November, ESPN's Bobby Marks broke down how much money the Warriors are spending on the former Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns star this campaign.

This is worrisome for the Dubs since they have big expectations for the young player and he's not doing as people expect him to do. Spending $82.4 million on him and seeing that Oubre is averaging 8.2 points per game, the Warriors are spending $10 million on every point Oubre scores every night.

The season is young and Oubre can still improve his level. But seeing how things are right now, the picture doesn't look that good for the Warriors. Something must change or their season won't be very different than the one they had last season.