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The Golden State Warriors May Be In Big Trouble Next Summer


All good things must come to an end, and when you have as much All-Star talent as the Golden State Warriors have at the moment, eventually things are going to come back to bite the Dubs.

The Warriors currently have five 2017 All-Stars on their roster right now, and are $40 million over the 2019 salary cap, giving them the second-highest payroll in the league behind the Miami Heat.

Golden State have both Steph Curry and Kevin Durant committed to massive deals for the foreseeable future, giving them some security, but the other half of the big four in the form of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will be hitting free agency over the next two consecutive years, and the Warriors will be running a real risk of losing one or both of them to free agency if they can't get their financial affairs in order.

If the Warriors do happen to try and re-sign the pair of All-Stars, they will be facing a massive luxury tax bill in the vicinity of $300 million alongside their roster salary.

According to Warriors GM Bob Myers however, the Warriors will 'find a way' to afford the massive bill headed their way in 2019-20.

“I feel like we’ll do whatever we can to keep winning,” Myers said. “And I think the players will do whatever they can to keep winning — not knowing what that will exactly look like.

“I guess it helps going into a new arena — the revenues. We’re lucky we’re supported by the fan base we are. … Working with Joe Lacob, Peter Guber, Rick Welts, all the people I work with and work for, they all want to win. ..

“Our players — Draymond Green has won at every level. Klay Thompson just wants to win. Steph Curry, he goes out and recruits a guy like Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant comes here under a lot of scrutiny and faces it and overcomes it. So I think with all that combined, I’m confident we can work it out. I can’t sit here today and mathematically show you; but based on all the things I’ve seen, we’ll find a way.”

Myers is confident that both Klay and Draymond won't mind taking a paycut, just like Kevin Durant has done with the Warriors, in hopes of keeping the Golden State core together to continue winning for the foreseeable future.