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The Golden State Warriors Will Reportedly Have To Pay At Least $100 Million To Keep Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole

Even fresh off a championship win, the Golden State Warriors have a lot to consider this summer. How will they improve the roster? Who will they keep around? Most importantly, what's the deal with Jordan Poole?

As a young and budding star in the league, Poole is key to the Warriors' future -- but he'll be expensive to keep around. According to Connor Letourneau, he'll command a $100 million extension.

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

Given that Poole’s extension eligibility expires before the start of next season, he is probably the highest priority. The Warriors know that by letting him become a restricted free agent in summer 2023 they would risk having to match a maximum offer from a smaller-market team that views him as a potential face of the franchise.

But to sign Poole to an extension this summer, Golden State might have to come close to the max. A league source said the Warriors’ offer likely needs to start at around four years, $100 million.

Poole’s rapid rise from G Leaguer to borderline All-Star-level talent was a driving force behind Golden State’s championship run, and it doesn’t want to alienate him with a lowball extension. Poole, 22, has a shot at leading the Warriors into the post-Stephen Curry era.

The Warriors aren't exactly shy about breaking the bank to win titles. Their payroll is already something ridiculous and it seems they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep Poole around.

"They have a $340 million payroll when you consider taxes," said Brian Windhorst. "You don't just have to beat the Warriors on the court, but you have to beat their checkbook. Nothing against Andrew Wiggins, but this was a checkbook win for the Warriors."

It remains to be seen how Golden State will juggle its payroll next season. They have a lot of guys to pay, and it will be a challenge to take care of them all.

But if there's any team that can make the best of this situation, it's the Warriors and you can't expect them to slow down now.