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The Greatest Basketball Game That Was Never Played

The Greatest Basketball Game That Was Never Played

We all love watching NBA games. The excitement of watching the best teams in the world go head to head in a battle of tenacity, strategy and athletic ability.

Sometimes it’s fun to watch these players escape the shackles of the teams organized system and just play ball. This is why the All-Star game is so popular because you get all the talent and now they have room to really express themselves.

There’s more dunks, more crazy handles and more slick passes as the players really show just how talented they are. You get this in the All-Star game, but also in the offseason as players come together in places like Rucker Park to show off and just have some fun.

One of these games was due to happen on the 14th August 2003 as LeBron, Shag and Jay-Z were supposed to play against Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming and Fat Joe.

However, fate was not on their side as there was a power shortage shut down the whole of New York meaning they couldn’t play. Maybe there was simply too much star power for the even New York to handle? We can still dream about what would have happened though.