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The Houston Rockets Have Lost 20 Consecutive Games, Tying The 3rd Longest Single Season Losing Streak In NBA History.

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Houston Rockets have entered one of the darkest periods in franchise history and it doesn't seem like things will change anytime soon. The Texan team is going through a very rough moment right now, fighting with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the dishonor to be the worst team in the Western Conference and probably the entire NBA.

Even though the season started well for them, things haven't gone well after Christian Wood picked up an injury and now that he's back, the Rockets have been unable to bounce back. This campaign saw them cut ties with James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins, and the players they brought in haven't played as well as expected. That's why they are struggling to win games and haven't gotten a win since February 4, when they beat the Memphis Grizzlies.

Their 112-114 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder meant the Rockets' 20th consecutive defeat in NBA history, which tied the 3rd longest single-season losing streak in NBA history. Redditor "w34t2w34tj" found out that the Rockets are already making history and could make more if they don't turn things around this campaign.

The Rockets are now tied for the 3rd longest single-season losing streak in NBA history at 20 games.

The all-time record is 26 shared by the Cavs and 76ers.

The longest losing streak ever is 28 owned by the Process Sixers and spanned two seasons.

After losing to the tanking Pistons, they have now lost against the tanking Thunder missing SGA and Horford.

This is with Wood, Oladipo, and Wall playing too.

 Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

As Wikipedia shows, in a single season, the Cavaliers and Sixers lost the most games; then you have three teams tied in the second place and the Rockets joined the Sixers and Mavericks in the third position of this infamous list.

It's safe to say that they have no chance of making the playoffs this campaign and instead, they will have to do a lot to improve their current situation in the offseason. Perhaps they can get the No. 1 overall draft pick in the 2021 NBA draft or try to get other players in free agency or via trade.

This team was accustomed to competing in the West but things have changed and while Harden is having a great time with the Brooklyn Nets, the Rockets look worse and worse every day.