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The Important Reason Why It Will Be Difficult To Deal For DeAndre Jordan


In pro-sports everywhere, there's two sides to every coin.

The player and the coach work together to produce the best quality team they can. Simultaneously, both sides are also working to make sure they are getting what they want in return. While this system is widely known and accepted, there's much more to it than that.

In all sports, especially basketball, agents are important because they serve as a buffer (go-between) for two different sides. There's a level of communication that happens between an agent and a team or player that is different than if they were to speak to each other directly, with no agent at all.

For DeAndre Jordan, he's missing that middle man, and it could be costing him a trip out of Los Angeles.

Via Bobby Marks, Jordan not having an agent complicates things, as it is "Hard to do any back channeling to see if DAJ is a short term rental or would commit long term." Not to mention the difficulty of negotiation which would be significantly harder, as would the probability of any significant moves.

It's unclear, as of now, how soon DeAndre will find an agent, if at all. But with the Clippers season rapidly headed down the drain, he could be the their only chance to start over once and for all.