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The Intro Of The 1997 NBA All-Star Game Was Converted Into 4k: "This Is Really Amazing"

Michael Jordan

The All-Star week sees the best of the best players participate in various events. Be it the Slam Dunk championship or the All-Star Game, the tradition of this one-of-a-kind weekend has continued for years now.

While the All-Star Game is still a spectacle with multiple mediums available, in the 1990s, it was special with fans glued to their TV sets to watch their favorite players. 1997 was no different. With the Chicago Bulls at the top, it was understandable to see why Michael Jordan was heavily featured ahead of the All-Star game.

Although most clips from the 90s generally suffer because of inferior quality of video resolution, this particular video has gone viral ever since its release.

A Twitter user posted a video of the intro to the 1997 NBA All-Star game and upscaled it all the way to 4K. This specifically meant that the 25-year-old video was much clear as well.

Fans were certainly in awe watching the clip. Not only was the clip clearer, but the impeccable scripting and the nostalgic theme of NBA on NBC were also incredible.

"Damn when this is more popular they'll probably do it for all big sports clips"

This Is Really Amazing

"Holy shit this is actually awesome. Imagine watching all old sports highlights like this. Damn the future is here."

"Gotta say I was fully settled in watching this and ready to see the whole 97 all star game"

"The NBA on NBC theme is one of the most nostalgia-inducing pieces of music out there. Hits me right in the chest and takes me right back to my childhood."

"Hope they use some of this wizardry to the 2000s nba ultra low res footages."

"Man, we need more Tesh."

We are so spoiled now. I can't wait until this conversion is standard.

This is incredible

There’s just something about that 90s NBA aesthetic that’s just so pleasing to me

Given the number of technological advancements we have had, expect to see a lot of enhanced old videos. Not only that, these videos will be the key to the preservation of the rich history of the NBA.