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The Jersey Numbers Of LeBron, Anthony Davis, Kawhi, and Paul George Are All Amazingly L.A. Area Codes

(via Instagram)

(via Instagram)

After several miserable seasons of basketball in Los Angeles, the city has been redeemed.

The "first-round" Clippers have become a powerful Western elite with Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and 6th man Lou Williams. The Lakers suffered an even more dramatic turn-around, going from a bottom-feeding lottery team to instant title favorites behind the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But, funnily enough, the numbers of the big stars actually correspond to L.A. area codes -- very fitting for the new era of basketball in the city.

The fact that (323) and (213) matched up this way is honestly kind of astonishing. I mean, what are the odds?

But, more importantly, it will be up to the people wearing those numbers to usher in a new era of greatness for their franchises. For both teams, and the Lakers especially, adversity will be creeping around every corner -- and the West will be loaded with Houston, Utah, and Golden State at their tail.

Whether or not they can overcome those odds and take home the prize, however, is something that still remains to be seen.