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The Judges We Need For The Slam Dunk Contest

(Credit: NBA Buzz)

(Credit: NBA Buzz)

Another year, another NBA All-Star Dunk contest controversy.

Once again, it seems the community has some issues with 3x participant Aaron Gordon not winning last night's affairs. After pulling off, arguably, one of the best dunks we've seen in Dunk contest history, He lost in the final round to Derrick Jones Jr -- much to the dismay of fans.

To make matters worse, some of the judges had intended to make it a tie in the final round -- but someone messed up the scores and gave him a 9.

The night ended, people made their peace, and it seems we will forever remember Gordon as the guy who robbed of not one, but two dunk contest trophies. But the controversial finish also got us thinking -- who would be the best judges? How about a panel made up of former contest Champions?

These guys understand the difficulty and skill it takes to win it more than anyone else. They know which ones are harder to pull off than others.

Obviously, there's no indication the NBA will change the format or listen to anyone's advice about judges. But it's still a nice dream to have, nonetheless.