The Knicks Did Not Want To Offer A Max Contract To Kevin Durant

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(via The Spokesman-Review)

(via The Spokesman-Review)

When Kevin Durant's devastating results were first made known to the public, it was reported that teams would still be lining up to offer him a full-max deal once free agency opened up on June 30th.

The Knicks were on that list, and thus became an early favorite to land the 2x Finals MVP.

Yet, when it came down to it, the team's reluctance to offer Durant the max pushed him to the Nets and may have cost themselves a chance to compete for Championships in the years to come.

True, a player is usually never the same after an Achilles tear. Even if he does return at almost the same level, it won't be until one year later. The Knicks, who have not been graced with a quality, star level free agent for years, would have still been in a better position with a hobbled Durant than they have in decades.

Was this a mistake that will cost them for years? Or did it just postpone their day of redemption?