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The Lakers Are Bottom In The League In 4 Categories This Season, Including Defense And Turnovers

The Lakers Are Bottom In The League In 4 Categories This Season, Including Defense And Turnovers

Let's be honest, the Los Angeles Lakers super team experiment hasn't turned out to be quite what the organization would have hoped for. With the season well underway, the Lakers are still struggling to win games.

In their most recent fixture against the New York Knicks, the purple and gold lost the game 100-106. Following this defeat, the Lakers have now dropped to a record of 9-10. Considering the star power that the roster features, it is a huge surprise to see them struggle this much.

Moreover, their best player LeBron James hasn't been part of most of the games. First due to an injury and he missed out on the fixture against the Knicks due to being suspended. If you aren't aware, James was suspended for a game after his altercation with the Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Stewart.

Another unsatisfying graphic for Lakers was posted by the Instagram page "Basketball Forever." The caption on the image says it all as the Lakers rank pretty low in many important categories.

As per the post, the Lakers are currently ranked 20th in defensive rating (108.5), 25th in offensive rating (105.1), 28th in points allowed (113.1), and 29th in turnovers per game (16.3). These are truly shocking numbers for a team that was expected to not only dominate the Western Conference but also be one of the favorites to win the 2022 NBA Championship.

The only positive for the Lakers is that they can still save the season. With more than half of the season still remaining, the team will be eyeing making a comeback.

But it is easier said than done. The first step in the process of making a comeback has to be to get all their superstar-caliber players on the same page. More importantly, allow them to play a few games together.

If the superstar trio of the Lakers is not on the same page, then it will be very hard for the Lakers to salvage anything from this season. With LeBron James all set to return in the next matchup, maybe it will reignite the fire within the players? One can only hope for it to happen.