The Lakers Are Now The Favorites To Win The 2019 NBA Championship

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Who could've guessed the Los Angeles Lakers would have been favorites to win the 2019 NBA title after the season they've just had? And they haven't even made an offseason move yet!

With the recent news coming out of San Antonio that two-time All-Star Kawhi Leonard didn't want to be a Spur any longer, the rumor mill was sent into overdrive. It was later revealed by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that the Los Angeles Lakers were high on Kawhi's list of potential destinations. Couple that news with the LeBron to LA rumors, as well as Paul George wanting to play for the Lakers next season, and you get the Lakers as the way-too-early 2019 title favorites.

Oddshark originally gave the Lakers 16/1 odds to win the title next season after the NBA Finals concluded this season, with the Golden State Warriors (5-4), Houston Rockets (4-1), Philadelphia 76ers (9-2) and Boston Celtics (6-1) all having better odds than them.

The recent Kawhi rumors though have blown those odds right out of the water, as many punters are predicting the Lakers to make a massive splash in free agency this year.

Los Angeles has enough cap space to outright sign two max free agents this offseason -- cough cough LeBron and PG -- after trading away Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. at the trade deadline this past season.

If they want to nab Leonard however, it'll have to be via trade, with Luol Deng involved in the deal somewhere to match salaries.

For a team that hasn't made the playoffs the past five season, title favorites is a pretty huge leap.