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The Lakers Just Made Their (Second) Best Move Of The Summer


The summer of 2018 was a game changer for Magic Johnson and the L.A. Lakers.

Along with other tough-minded veteran pieces, the Lakers won the jackpot by signing LeBron James to a 4-year deal.

And while not many moves can top that, the Lakers' latest roster change may not be very far off.

As of today, the Lakers and Luol Deng will part ways, per waive/stretch provision.

Stretching Deng's contract means that the Lakers will once again have enough money to sign a max free agent, which they could pair alongside LeBron and the young guys.

Whether or not that'll be attractive enough to lure in Klay, KD, or Kahwi is still a mystery... but, at least now, it's become possible.

Luol Deng has opened up so many opprotunities for the Lakers.