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The Lakers Last Won A Playoff Game Without Kobe Bryant: Michael Jordan Was The MVP, LeBron James Was 11 Years Old

Credit: Timeout Hoops

Credit: Timeout Hoops

The Los Angeles Lakers were able to bounce back from a tough loss in Game 1 vs. the Portland Trail Blazers and beat them 111-88. That was a must-win game for Frank Vogel's team as they didn't want to fall to a 0-2 hole but more than that, it put into context how much the Lakers' organization owed Kobe Bryant.

Kobe was the face of the franchise for almost two decades and played a pivotal part in their past 5 NBA Championships, to say the least. More than that, the team hadn't won a playoff game without Kobe Bryant in the past 24 years.

That means that the last time the Kobe-less Lakers won in the playoffs, LeBron James was 11 years old, Kevin Garnett was playing his rookie season, eBay opened up its doors and Independence Day was the most popular film in the world.

Moreover, Jayson Tatum, Lonzo Ball, Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, Bam Adebayo, and Jaylen Brown weren't even born. Vince Carter haven't even entered the league, and Michael Jordan was the league's MVP.

Macarena was the most popular song according to Billboard, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and Celine Dion were near the top of almost every chart, and there were no social networks.

Kobe entered the league in 1996 and changed basketball history forever. The world has come a long way in 24 years, and so have the Lakers, mostly thanks to their legendary shooting guard. Mamba Forever!

Credit: Timeout Hoops 


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