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The Lakers Might Be Interested In DeAndre Jordan If He Gets Bought Out By Knicks

DeAndre Jordan

The Lakers are looking towards signing some big names this summer as they position themselves for a Championship run with LeBron James. Atop the list lies names like Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and, of course, DeAndre Jordan who, after being traded to the Knicks on Thursday, might be close to a buyout with the team.

Consequently, Jordan might be someone the Lakers pursue to plug their need for depth in the frontcourt.

True, JaVale McGee covers a lot of what is needed for a Center, but Jordan can do it all better. On the flip side, some would argue it's a role the Lakers shouldn't be concerned about filling right now.

Either way, it's no secret that the Lakers are looking far and wide for some talent right now. While their sights are obviously aimed higher, they might just settle for DeAndre Jordan now if it meant getting some help for LeBron while they wait for the summer.

With this Knicks trade being just the first domino to fall, it'll be interesting to see how it affects the landscape for the rest of the league going forward.