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"The Last Dance" Director Tells The Hilarious Story Of The Time Michael Jordan Took Dennis Rodman By His Noise Ring And Led Him Out Of His Apartment

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(via Flipboard)

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen deserve a lot of credit for the Bulls' success. Together, they formed one of the most powerful duos the league has ever seen.

But those 90s Bulls also had Dennis Rodman -- a premier rebounder and defender whose energy on the court was only topped by his electric personality off of it.

In fact, Rodman was so important to that team that he had Michael Jeffrey Jordan (the greatest player ever) chasing him down in Chicago to put him back to work.

Here's the story, as told by "The Last Dance" director Jason Hehir:

"He got him out of his apartment. He lived across the street from the United Center, he got back. His vacation, part of it, happened in Vegas of course but he got back and still felt like was going to do a staycation for a little bit in Chicago."

"So that's when Michael said alright, I'm going to walk across the street. So he went with the athletic trainer, they banged on his door and Michael, I think he said off-camera, grabbed him by his nose ring and just like took him out."

Rodman was a notorious partier. He lived in a bachelor pad, apparently had all kinds of drugs, and was just flat-out living it up during his days in Chicago.

But he was a monster on the court, and the Bulls were definitely better-off with him on the floor. Unfortunately for Dennis, his teammates weren't going to allow him to just continue his vacation. They demanded excellence until the very end, and it resulted in unprecedented success for both Rodman and the Chicago Bulls.