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The Last Time Klay Thompson Played A Basketball Game: Kyrie Was With Celtics, Kawhi With Raptors, Durant With Warriors

The Last Time Klay Thompson Played A Basketball Game: Kyrie Was On Celtics, Kawhi With Raptors, Durant With Warriors

Klay Thompson is finally ready to make his return to the NBA tonight after almost three years of absence. The last time he set foot on the court was in the 2019 NBA Finals, where the Golden State Warriors succumbed to the Toronto Raptors in six games. 

A lot has changed since that moment. The Warriors went from the top to the bottom of the league and now are back as the dominant team they used to be with Klay, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green. 

While Klay was sidelined, the league suffered many changes and the player movement never stopped. Ahead of Thompson's long-awaited return, Basketball Forever recalled how different the league was the last time he suited up for the Warriors. 

Many stars defended a different jersey and the competition was very different from today. 

- Kawhi Leonard played for Toronto Raptors

- Paul George played for Oklahoma City Thunder 

- Kevin Durant played for Golden State Warriors

- Kyrie Irving played for Boston Celtics

- Jimmy Butler played for Philadelphia 76ers

- James Harden played for Houston Rockets

- Russell Westbrook played for OKC Thunder

- Anthony Davis played for New Orleans Pelicans

- Chris Paul played for Houston Rockets

- There were zero global Covid cases.

Flash forward to 2022, Kawhi Leonard is part of the Los Angeles Clippers, the team he joined after winning the Finals with the Raptors. Paul George joined him in SoCal, creating a terrific duo that is yet to play the NBA Finals due to several reasons. 

Kevin Durant left the Warriors and went to the East coast, signing with the Brooklyn Nets, where he teamed up with Kyrie Irving, who played for the Celtics in 2019. 

Jimmy Butler went to the Miami Heat after playing with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2019. James Harden was still part of the Houston Rockets, and he would stay there until January 2021, where he joined Kyrie and Durant on the Nets. 

Russell Westbrook was with the Oklahoma City Thunder that yea. He would start a new chapter in his career after that, getting traded to Houston, where he played a single season with James Harden. After that, he was traded to Washington before being shipped to L.A. this past offseason. 

Anthony Davis played his last campaign in New Orleans, as he was traded to Los Angeles during that offseason. Chris Paul was part of the Rockets before he got traded to the Thunder in exchange for Russell Westbrook. After another incredible campaign in OKC, he was shipped to Phoenix, where he played his first NBA Finals last season and boasts the league-best record in 2021/22. 

In the middle of that, the Warriors had the worst-league record in 2019/20. They made the play-in tournament last season and couldn't make it farther than that. Now, they are 2nd in the West, boasting an impressive 29-9 record, trailing the Suns. 

A pandemic also hit the league and the entire world. Things have changed a lot since that moment and we're still trying to get over it. 

After two tumultuous seasons, Klay lands in a team with plenty of good players, who have taken them to the top of the conference. Everything is set for him and the Warriors to have a deep playoffs run this season, and that starts when the shooting guard makes his debut against the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight.