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The List Of All Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 Amongst The NBA

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The coronavirus has stopped the world. Everything is on hold right now, including the NBA, which suspended the season last week after Rudy Gobert tested positive for the infamous COVID-19.

Following that, we learned about new cases in the league, including other big names and several players and staff within a single organization. Right now there are 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the NBA, and seeing the way things are right now, that number is very likely to increase.

It all started with Gobert, as we stated before. Then, his Utah Jazz’s teammate Donovan Mitchell also tested positive for the virus.

After that, the Detroit Pistons power forward/center Christian Wood added his name to this list. Wood was having a very good season with the Pistons, posting some of the best numbers of his career.

Furthermore, the Brooklyn Nets announced four of their players have tested positive for the COVID-19, with Kevin Durant revealing he was one of them. The other three players remain unrevealed.

This set the alarms for the Los Angeles Lakers, who played their last game against the Nets before the suspension. The Purple and Gold took their entire roster to get the test on Wednesday and the results showed two undisclosed players tested positive for the illness.

The same day this was revealed, a member of the Denver Nuggets tested positive for the virus.

Following that, three members of the Philadelphia 76ers were also tested for the virus, and the result was positive.

Later on, the Celtics announced one of their players got infected with the virus and Marcus Smart himself confirmed he was the last addition to this list.

This is anything but an easy situation and every single player whose name went public has urged the fans to remain at home, listen to the authorities and wait for the best.

The NBA is on a break right now after Gobert became its ‘patient zero’. They are planning to return at some point in the summer, but all the conditions must be guaranteed for that to happen.