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The Los Angeles Clippers Have Completely Dominated The Lakers Over The Past 10 Years

The Los Angeles Clippers Have Completely Dominated The Lakers Over The Past 10 Years

When you ask any basketball fan which team runs Los Angeles, there's a good chance they'll pick the Lakers, who have a long and storied history full of amazing success and achievement.

The Clippers, meanwhile, are often regarded as the "other" team, a sort of after-thought in Southern California.

Strangely enough, however, the numbers show that, at least over the past decade, the Clippers have dominated their big brother in regular-season matchups.

Even in the playoffs, the Clippers have seen some success. In the Chris Paul and Blake Griffin era, the Clips were a powerhouse in the West and an absolute force to be reckoned with. Now, with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, they are once again title contenders.

Meanwhile, in L.A., the Lakers are struggling to avoid routine embarrassment. They won a title in 2020, and have 17 Championships overall -- that number alone gives them the edge over the Clippers All-Time. Besides that incredible run, the past 10 years have been abysmal for the Purple and Gold, who are now at risk of missing the playoffs again (for the second time in the LeBron James era).

Thursday night's showdown, which saw the Clippers win in a major blowout, was just another reminder of the current state of the two franchises.

"I think I see what the problem is," said Shaq. "Nobody's mad. I'm telling you now, I'm losing to the Clippers somebody get beat up that night, in the locker room... The problem to me is ain't nobody mad. I'd be pissed if I lost to the Clippers and Reggie Jackson out there C-walking and dancing with a damn bird.”

This season, the Lakers are 9th in the West with a 27-35 record overall. Despite having some of the best and most accomplished players on the planet, there's a good chance they don't make it to the playoffs.

Without Kawhi Leonard or Paul George, the Clippers probably aren't going anywhere either.

Looks like the rivalry will have to continue next year when both squads hopefully return to action with a healthy and revamped roster.